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  • ABOUT US - Baxley Minicabs Cars

    We Providing Comfortable Services

    Do you live in Bexley or areas around Bexley? Then you might be having travel problems. This is because there are taxis and cabs services that charge you double if you are in a hurry. We have been serving in many areas of UK. And now, we are having the taxis, minicabs, cabs and cars for you in Bexley.

    You might be thinking that why you should choose us? Well, we have an answer to that question too. You can choose us if you want to SAVE. Save what? You can save your money, your time and save yourself if you travel with us. But how? Well we are the best taxi, cabs and cars service that comes with most decent packages.

    Our Services

    We help our customers by saving their time and money at the same time. Well below are some of our services that we locally provide:
    1. We are available for day hire service. You can take our vehicles for a day hire and go where ever you want to.
    2. Moreover, we are also available for pick and drop. The best part is that our riders can wait for you while they drop you and you can return back on same vehicle.
    3. If there is a meet and greet event. Then you can again choose us as we can help you taking a fair ride in most affordable prices.
    4. Not only this, but you can book a ride for someone else around you.

    Choosing us means choosing your travel partner. You can go anywhere you want to without having issues of safety and security. Moreover, you can also track your ride by the GPS we provide. So what are you waiting for? Book your rides right now and have a safe and secure journey.

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